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Coronodo Heights
Andi Fredrickson (Olathe)
Posted at 11:22pm on March 3, 2008
My father-in-law is a real community man in Lindsborg, Ks. Every Wednesday he goes to Coronado Heights and picks up trash. He's been doing this for YEARS! He's the town Dr. and not above picking up trash. This picture would not be nearly as beautiful if he didn't seflessly volunteer his time to keep it clean. You have taken a beautiful picture of a beautiful place that is dear to our family!Sincerely,Andi Fredrickson
Posted at 9:59pm on July 7, 2008
Amazing! I've got to learn to make water look like that!
Posted at 10:03pm on July 7, 2008
My favorite picture you've taken!!
Karen Selig (Royersford, PA)
Posted at 10:56am on August 8, 2008
Tim, This is so beautiful it makes me homesick for the Konza. We've walked that trail so many, many times and it's so very far away now that Alan and I are out here in Pennsylvania. Thanks so much for sharing all your beautiful photos on your site. It's been a blessing to visit here. Karen
Jon Wright
Posted at 2:10am on March 3, 2009
I've always liked this shot. Excellent colors and lines.
Jon Wright
Posted at 2:09am on March 3, 2009
This is pretty cool. It looks like you are on a circus ride.
Jon Wright
Posted at 2:11am on March 3, 2009
Brilliant detail! What lens did you use for this?
Tim Andersen
Posted at 7:38pm on April 4, 2009
I used the "Lensbaby 3G" lens. Can't remember if I showed you that or not. It has a bellows on it so you can fiddle with the focus "hotspot". Real cool lens...a bit unpredictable, but that's what makes it fun!
Jon Wright
Posted at 2:12am on March 3, 2009
This is a fantastic capture. I love the print you have of it at Homers.
Jon Wright
Posted at 2:21am on March 3, 2009
I love the colors at Blue Koi. I have a great picture of Corie there.
Yellowstone Pics
Darla Grant (Dudenville Mo.)
Posted at 12:56pm on September 9, 2009
When did you go to Yellowstone?
Your pictures bring back so many great memories. By the way I'm Dave Cedillo's little sister
The Konza Trail
Joseph Muhlke (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
Posted at 9:08pm on April 4, 2010
I have been taking professional pictures since I was 16, in suburban Chicago..then the world. I'm starting a bus tour service and my salesman grew up in this divinely blessed coating of dreams. He plans to return and live his life out there.

We are given endless spellbinding views here in the Southwest and I do well; regardless, your work has really moved me and not only will we get our relatives from ND to see your land, we will come too, with humility. Lovely work.
Brenda Strauss (Lenexa KS)
Posted at 10:36pm on September 9, 2010
We love Colorado and your picture captures the depth and emotion of the state. I love the colors and setting.
Tall Grass
Cathy Kline (6015 N. Cosby Court KCMO)
Posted at 1:01pm on October 10, 2010
Love your photos!
Posted at 8:55pm on November 11, 2011
Tim Andersen (Mission, KS)
Posted at 11:14am on November 11, 2011
I'm sorry to hear that. I tried viewing these pages through various browsers (IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and didn't have any trouble. Feel free to contact me through the email address at the bottom of this page with more information regarding the problem you are seeing. Thanks!